"Blossom" 1780's Gown: Powerpuff Girl cosplay

Hey Readers just a quick update: 

Katsucon 18' is this weekend and I have been very busy with digging out and mending cosplays, helping my husband with his panel, doing the laundry, packing up suitcases and sewing....Oh God! And working! I forgot that too! 

While this seems like a bit much and overwhelming...it is :P

With that said, I decided to pull out one of my gowns that I made back in december and debut it for the convention. Only problem was, the trim I had used to decorate the gown was made from some poly-synethetic material that melts when you touch it with an iron. Can only imagine the shock on my face when I found that out. Thinking quickly, I painstakingly took the trim off and started decorating from scratch. Thankfully with some help from some reenactors and dressmakers on FB I was able to fashion a tucker out of some twill tape and two tiers of lace I had laying around, and throw a black sash around the stomach...that's when an idea came to me. . . 

A glorious idea! 
As I worked on the the gown, I began to notice that it was starting to take on a very close resemblance of Blossom, from the 90's cartoon, The Powerpuff Girls. In fact, I had all of the materials and accessories on hand already to make her outfit! However, instead of a simple jumper I decided to make it of a different time period. It's been done plenty of times by other cosplayers; there's 20's, 50's, and even a punk rock variant I saw a few years ago at a convention... so why not 1780's?

Long story short, I crafted a corsage and breast-knot out of some ribbons and flowers I had leftover from previous projects and then added some matching jewelry and styled the wig.  

Now that it's ready, my only hope is to be able to get a photoshoot at the very popular Gazebo



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