18th century Calico Print Bumpad

A few months ago, I decided that I needed a new bum pad that would best work with my 1780's and early 1790's gowns; this is mostly because the bum rolls I had just wasn't cutting it anymore. While they do at times give me a nice silhouette for the skirts in the back, it just seemed a bit blocky around the front of my hips. So I wanted to change that. 

 When American Duchess came out with their underpinnings pattern (half boned stays, with flounced shift and bum pad) I figured this was a good place to start. And boy am I glad I followed through.

While this is my first time using AD patterns, I was a little nervous at first (Simplicity sometimes can be a bit hard for me to follow), but to my surprise, I found Lauren and Abby's instructions very easy to follow and it came out looking like it did in the sampler photo (phew!)

I also made one for my friend Stephanie to use for her ball gowns and also augmented it just a little bit to match her impression when she portrays a patriot spy. Won't say how though ;)


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