Fort Fred Market Fair 2018

This Thursday, my friend Stephanie and I went the Ft. Fred Market Fair in Big Pool, MD. In the past we have gone for at least 3 years together and usually come ready with market bags, baskets, etc. to carry the combined haul. We saw friends and colleagues and made new acquaintances, and even the weather was cooperative (no snow or excruciating temps this year). Definitely planning to go back again next year.

The front end of the Market Fair

I kid you not though, we had not planned on wearing the same print or the same petticoat color! It was awesome and we had fun with it! 

Love that mountain view!

My small stash from the fair: A Yd. each of sheer kerchief fabric from Burnley & Trowbridge and 96 District Fabrics, and some lacing tapes for my new stays. 

Well that's it for now. Now to prepare for the Rev. War Weekend reenactment at George Washington's Mount Vernon next weekend. Stay tuned! 


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