Victorian Photoshoot (Sneak Peek)

Pop Quiz everyone:  What does the Victorian Era and Washington DC have in common? Is it the wonderful victorian and gothic architecture that's still present in the midst of the ever changing metropolis? Is it that the 19th Amendment that permitted women to vote, was ratified on Capitol Hill? Is it that President Taft's incredibly large bathtub is housed somewhere in the Smithsonian? 

If you answered yes to all 3 questions... you're absolutely right. But today I'm going to talk more about the architecture and less about Taft's oversized bathtub (though I'm sure that within itself is a peculiar subject to talk about). 

Anyway, this past Sunday was certainly a fun weekend; a few friends and I in the historical costuming community, got together at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC and did a Victorian photoshoot. While I am not 100% certain on the date of this building, parts inside the museum definitely has a lot of Victorian architecture that screams Roman Gothic. 

Credit to Dan Arango Photography 

Many of the gowns worn to the photoshoot, dated between the 18th to early 20th centuries. With that in mind, I was more than excited to officially debut my 1885 plaid walking gown that I made for last year's Halloween. Surprisingly it held up pretty well. I did however had to make some adjustments in order for this outfit to be all-weather savvy; the interlining was removed so I wouldn't overheat in the Spring & Summer. I also made a sleeveless blouse, that really pulled the outfit together rather nicely. 

Photo Courtesy of Taylor Bethea
While there are several more photos in the editing stages, here is a sneak peak of a few from behind the scenes and a few proofs. There's definitely more amazing photos to come, and I cannot wait to share them with you.

Photo courtesy of Taylor Bethea

Photo courtesy of Taylor Bethea

Photo courtesy of Justin Schneider 

Photo courtesy of Justin Schneider
Courtesy of In the Long Run Designs
Carolyn in her gorgeous 1870's natural form gown

Taylor and I looking as regal as we can in this humidity
Stephanie Millar in her beautiful 1812 gown observing the portrait of George Washington. I really love how well the colors of her gown and the portrait match. 

It was pretty toasty in the Atrium, and when you're wearing 4+ layers of suit fabric... well you get the idea.


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