Harvest Ball 2019 at Gadsby's Tavern

I'm WAY behind schedule with keeping my posts up to date. So, I will try my best to remember everything that happened - or at least go over the highlights. Back in early November, Gadsby's Tavern in Alexandria, VA, hosted a Harvest Ball. I had a really great time that night and put my ballroom shoes to good work as I danced the night away with many friends who attended. 

This event, I decided to pull out the old (but revamped) Waverly gown I wore back when I attended my very first ball at Gadsby's in 2013. Not much of a difference in color choices, but the zone front style look personally amiable to me rather than late 70's style the dress donned at first; also, upgrade on the accessories. 

The evening started with me staying over my friend Beth's house in NoVa. She was a wonderful hostess, and I cannot thank her enough. Once we were ready for the evening, we headed into Alexandria and had dinner at Jackson's 20; By 7pm, we arrived at Gadsby's Tavern with the ball in full swing. 

In between dances, I reunited with friends I haven't seen in months and of course made a couple of new ones. Needless to say, we were pretty comical (we all need more friends like that in our lives).

On Sunday, Beth and I headed back into Alexandria and grabbed breakfast at a really neat cèpe place, before I made my way back home across the Potomac. 

I had a really great weekend and cannot wait for the next event at Gadsby's which I believe is the Birthnight Ball and then the Française Dinner.  

That's All Folks! 


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