Battle of Bladensburg Reenactment

Just got back from the Battle of Bladensburg, in the town of it's namesake with my 1812 military unit, the Royal Marines. When we arrived around 8:30am, it started to rain…and did not stop raining until 3am Sunday. It rained so much, that I actually caught a cold. So, you could only imagine how wet the  the grounds were. But that did not stop everyone from showing up and continuing on with the festivities and the reenactment; lots of sutlers that were supposed to be there were rained out, and some canceled. The battle did very well, and even had a cool smoke-foggy effect because of the rain. I wish I had pictures of that, but I was trying to get out from the rain and cold mostly. After the event, my unit and I went back to Riversdale Mansion where we were camping and had dinner. My husband finally got to meet everyone and will be going to the next reenactment as an independent sales merchant or organizer, as he prefers to be a civilian interpreter. I'm very excited to get started on his Colonial and Regency outfit, as well as help him get his kit started.

Here are pictures from the reenactment.


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