Guardians of the Galaxy Review

Just saw Guardians of the Galaxy with my husband, and loved it!

I enjoyed the plot. It was very easy to follow.

The characters were all hilarious, such as the relationship between Rocket and Groot, and Peter "Star Lord" Quill and Gamora. The other character whose name I forgot, was played by WWE wrestler Batista. Oh my gosh, his inability to understand the figure of speech (his alien species are more literal than metaphorical) was absolutely hilarious. Aside from the adorable Groot, I really liked Gamora. Regardless of her past, she stays close to her new friends, and kicks some serious butt. Also the costumes were pretty cool, and something that I'd definitely consider cosplaying in the near future.

Anyway, there were plenty of pop culture references, such as Kevin Bacon, the tape player from the 1980's, and songs like "Cherry Bomb", "Hooked on a Feeling", and "ABC's" from The Jackson 5 (Well, they're more 70's but it was in the movie).  Speaking of that particular song, there was one scene in the movie that was my upmost favorite.

When I saw this clip, I knew that I just had to make an amigarumi version. Thanks to Ravelry, I found a free pattern where I could knit my own.

Well that's it.

I give the movie an A+. If you haven't seen it yet, you definitely should :)


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