Todd's Inheritance Living History event.

Just got back from a War of 1812 reenactment this weekend for the Defender's Day battle at North Point. Only, my unit was about a mile away from the main event due to political and personal issues (aka reenactment drama). So we were moved to a farm settlement about a mile away where there was some historical significance to the battle of North Point. The settlement we were patrolling was a place called Todd's Inheritance, a farm that has been in the Todd family for 15 generations. Originally the British burned down the Todd's family home, and they rebuilt in 1815 as well as added on to the house in 1830 (pre-Civil War).

Anyway, the whole living history event we did went pretty well. There were drilling demonstrations, a lecture on women's fashion, and lots and lots of answering visitor's questions. When I had some time, I was able to sit down and knit a reticule bag as well as work on some finishing touches on my chemisette that I had made the night before.


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