1809 day dress Progress: Part 1

For the Historical Sew Monthly's March challenge, I've decided to pull out one of my most recent patterns that I bought last year from the Market Fair back in 2014. The 1809 day dress pattern from  Period Impressions. 

 This was my very first time using the pattern to make an entire dress (I had used it to only make an open robe jacket), so I had to really look at a lot of examples via Pinterest, and other costume blogs.

 Anyway, using several yards of muslin lining and broadcloth fabric, I've cut out the mock and fashion patterns and pinned together the entire bodice of the dress. I had to make several adjustments to the bust and to the sleeves to make sure that they were set correctly as well as not fitting to the dress maker's dummy (since the dummy is from a clothing store and cannot be adjusted). 

Over the next couple of days, I'll more than likely be doing a lot of hand sewing, in order to make sure that it looks as close to being accurate for reenactment purposes, and to ensure that the dress will be durable.

Part II coming up soon :D


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