Fort Frederick Market Faire

Enjoyed my 3rd year at the Fort Frederick Market Faire in Big Pool, MD. On the way there, we've experienced freak weather such as a snow storm, rain & sleet. The temperature kept dropping from 41 to 34 to 50. By the time we reached Ft. Frederick it was as if we stepped back into February…it was very cold. Luckily, we were prepared with sweaters and wool cardigans. Being out in the mountains with weather like that reminded me of the Irish countryside or Iceland.

Around 11am (when they opened) we met up with our friends Ben Bartgis, William Knight, and Ms. Bartgis and pretty much went on a whole shopping spree for everything we wanted/needed for next weekend's event, as well as for personal use.

For example, my unit Lieutenant bought some really nice reproduced furniture, A really cute liquor chest, and some wearable items that were requested by my unit mates who weren't able to make it up for the trip. As for my husband and I, we looked at reproduced 18th century weapons such as the grenade launchers (which were pretty cool).

I did manage to locate 96 District Fabrics and Burnley & Towbridge. I purchased the JP Ryan jacket pattern I mentioned before, and some peppermints from the vendor who sells 18th century make up as well as foods/spices. Sadly, I did not buy any fabrics this time, but next weekend at Mount Vernon I'll more than likely be able to considering some of the vendors will be there as well. 

Finally found the fabric I purchased last year. I forgot what vendor I got it from, but  now that I've got the card and the picture,  I can get more whenever I need it.

Well, that's all for now. Stay tuned for my next event   : )


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