Now that it's finally the weekend, I could finally sit back, unwind, and work a little on my sewing. I know that I have several UFO's laying around as well as my March and April historical sew monthly challenges that I was supposed to be steadily working on, but today I wanted to work on a UFO that belonged to my husband, that I never got around to finishing.

Last year, I attempted to start on his 18th century waistcoat. The fashion fabric was made up of the same navy blue duck canvas that I used for my stays, and the lining was made up of light muslin. Fast forward to now, it seems that I only cut out 2 of the muslin pieces and didn't have any left over, so instead I am using leftover tartan plaid cotton fabric that I had from Hobby Lobby from when I made my 1940's skirt.

However, after putting it all together, I'm not really a big fan. Both fabrics  are clashing against one another, and it kind of reminded me of a hobo waistcoat instead of something an 18th century gentleman would wear. On the other hand, since this is the lining, it would be highly doubtful that anyone will see it. 


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