HSFM Challenge #6

               This is related to my earlier post, but heck why not turn it into a challenge piece?


The challenge: Out of your comfort zone

Fabric: 100% Cotton voile (gown), bleached cotton muslin (sleeves), and sheer curtain fabric (collar)

Pattern: A modified pattern made by Fresh Frippery; the sleeves were used from the 1809 day dress pattern.

Year: 1790

Notions: Ribbon for the sash and drawstring, lace for the sleeves

How historically accurate is it?: Despite using the sewing machine to beat the deadline, I'd say that this is pretty accurate for the time.

Hours to complete: 72 hours (3 days)

First worn: Only to try it on a few times.

Total cost: $27.15

For a 1st attempt, I'd say I did pretty well. I plan to make another one in the near future with more lace, more frills, and probably make them with long slender sleeves.


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