1785-1790 chintz jacket & Petticoat

As a side project, I've decided to visit the style of the early 1790's, just for fun. While it's very similar to the rest of my gowns I've sewn, this one is a bit different. Unlike most of my gowns, this one will have long sleeves and the second of course is the matching chintz petticoat, rather than a solid petticoat to compliment the jacket or gown. After sewing together the petticoat using 2 yards of the CW "wavy vines" print, I remade my jacket with the same print by recycling the train from the original gown. 

My old gown before the upgrade

New and improved (cat not included, but encouraged)


Back View

I still have a few things I want to touch up on the jacket. Case in point, I'd like to maybe add some ruffle to compliment the petticoat and perhaps sew lace around the neckline (or a ruffled neckerchief). In retrospect, I'm very happy that it turned out looking pretty good. 


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