Afternoon Tea (Knitted cozies)

Being an avid tea drinker, I have accumulated a good collection of herbal and floral teas over the past few weeks. I have also accumulated a LOT of yarn over the past several years that I'm still trying to knit down or get rid of. So that brings me to getting in the spirit of making cozies for all of my mugs and teacups and my 2 tea pots (not pictured).

My growing collection (you can tell mint's my favorite)

Looking in my stash, I came across some 2 types of roving that needed to be spun into yarn (to help with destashing). They turned out to be a beautiful dark purple, and peacock-blue. Afterwards, I spun them both together in 2 ply to make them a thicker fingering yarn rather than cobweb.

If you'd like to make your own cozy, here is the link. The needles I used was a size 3 to make the gauge a lot smaller, rather than the larger sized needles the instructions calls for. 


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