A Sp00ktacular Halloween

Halloween has officially come and gone! Luckily I was able to grab some photos in memorandum. 

Before class, I went to participate in the Halloween Party at the student commons. I really had a great time and was surprised with all of the activities they had there for the college students: photo booth, picking out your own pumpkin and painting it, a murder mystery, face painting, a fondue fountain with other snacks, and of course free candy by the coulduron! By the time class let out at 1:45, I headed on over to the local mall and visited my mom at her store and volunteered an hour to help around and get stuff ready for the holidays. 

For my daytime costume, I was torn between what to wear. I had specifically made a Victorian gown  but at the same time, I wanted to wear my new 1790's pelisse jacket that I've made earlier this year, but have never written about OR worn. In the end, I decided on both, because why not? No rules apply to how many costumes you can wear on Halloween. 

In reflection, I really loved how this ensemble came together and plan to wear it again in the future. 

1790's Pelisse jacket with petticoat

The Starbucks PSL in it's natural habitat

By nightfall, the kids were already coming to the door in droves! It started at 6:30 which didn't give me any time to make dinner or get dressed in costume. But once I was able to get ready for the occasion, I was outside and passing at least 200 pieces of candy to all of the kids and high school students (yep, they got candy too) in the neighborhood. However, what I didn't expect was that we'd have at least double the kids than last year which was a huge surprise. 

 Adorable. Next year, I'm making it scary 

1885 Victorian Walking Gown (now with candy in the apron) 

Look'n not so spooky
Trying my 1885 gown on for the first time in cold weather, I was pretty happy to know that the interlining and lining worked. However I regretted not putting any in the sleeves and covering up my neck all the way and choose a different hairstyle (the night air took out all of my curls and made it  SUPER puffy). But hindsight is always 20/20 right? The plus side to the purple/olive was that since they were fall/winter colors, no one could see me very well in the dark - which made the perfect opportunity to scare some of my brother's friends, who expected me to scare them every year (cause I do. lol) 

Speaking of, once trick-or-treating ended at 8:30 (I swear, the neighborhood just shut down by itself) we were only left with 20 pieces of candy....that is until my brother came home after going out with his friends and opened up a pillowcase full of the haul. 

Anyone want 200+ pieces of candy? 


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