Prepping For Winter: 1775 Burgundy Wool Jacket

To double up on keeping me warm for the upcoming winter weekend event in January, I figured that just the wool cape and mitts wouldn't really be enough; being slender, I end up getting very cold easily at 70 degrees. I really had to look into my clothing inventory to see what I had for the extreme cold. In the past, I would wear layers in order to keep warm, however it's always been hit and miss (either the gown wasn't warm enough, or I didn't have a heavy enough wool cloak-it was always something). This year, I decided to remedy that and make a wool jacket out of 100% flannel wool by Renaissance Fabrics.  

While I waited for my 2 yards of wool fabric to come in through the mail, I immediately set off to work on cutting out the lining for my Jacket (vers. B). B happens to be my favorite because I really love the peplum in the back as well as the stomacher. I also considered adding some thick interlining to the top of the sleeves to ensure that I would have extra warmth around my shoulders. 

In retrospect, I think wool is definitely one of my favorite fabrics to work with. It has a lot more durability than most fabrics I have worked with in the present and in the past, and being a natural fiber, it's also very breathable and still has the ability to insulate heat. 


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