Prepping for Winter: Wool Mitts

It's gotten a little colder these past few days, and from reports from the Poor Richard's Almanac, we're just getting started. 

With the goal of keeping warm this winter for upcoming events, I looked to working with wool. I ordered wool flannel fabric from Renaissance Fabrics to make a 1777 jacket (will do a write up about that later), and then worked on a pair of long woolen mitts as a small project. 

Using references from Linda Baumgarten's Costume Close Up (1750-1790), I cut out the fabric pieces (well, franken-stitched them before sewing the actual pattern pieces together). Once I had the arms done, I added the thumb gussets by tracing the pattern on my computer screen with tracing paper and zoomed it into scale (thank you technology!).

All in all, these were a fun little project to do. The only thing I wish I had done a little differently was used black thread along the bottom hem of the mitts rather than green. But at the same time, it gave me a great idea to add some embroidery to make it more personal.


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