Spring Vacation Part 3: 2019 Mount Vernon's Call To Arms

Mount Vernon this past weekend was fun, but also like walking into a sauna during mid summer. On Saturday it was partly cloudy; 80 F with 70% humidity. . . wearing anything other than shorts and a cotton T shirt was mightily uncomfortable. On the plus side, the reenactment went off without a hitch. From what I could observe, there were at least 7,000 people total who came to visit the estate plus over 300 reenactors who were participating. Definitely a successful turnout this year.

Stephanie and I reprised our roles as acting quarter-mistresses for the British Royal Artillery. Our story goes that the original Quartermaster disappeared from his post under "mysterious circumstances" (probably went AWOL), so we volunteered to fill in and find a reputable vendor to form a contract with. 

The previous year we were just the vendor as we did not bring any furniture or displays to set up for our interpretation.  This year, we decided to combine the two thus upping the ante. Not only did we set up our station, but we also created an idea for special scenario to which Stephanie is apprehended and accused for espionage, after discovering contraband in her personal possessions. However due to time constraints, we were unable to carry out that scenario. Next time, we'll be more than ready! 


Around lunch, we continued our tradition of going to the Mount Vernon Inn restaurant - but this time, our little table grew from 2 to 5. Friends from the German Hessian camp (Emma, Evan, and Nicholi) joined us for lunch and later, some awesome photos in this sitting room adjacent from the dining area. I have a feeling this will be our newest tradition addition. 



Sadly I missed out on both battles (but then again, after participating in reenactments and living history for more than a decade, you've seen one, you've see them all). I did however, not miss out on the opportunity to visit my family who interpret characters at Mount Vernon. One of which is an actual cousin of mine, Brenda, who portrays Caroline. It's always so good to see friends and relatives when traveling! 

Back at the Quartermasters station, I demonstrated my seamstress skills as I had to perform some emergency mending on a soldier's trousers; I did my best not to accidentally injure the soldier since he did not have spare while I worked on the damaged pair. As groups of visitors were coming by to observe, I used this as a teaching demo - explaining how soldiers were only given 2 sets of uniforms. Anything outside of their rations was mostly due to acquiring them from a deceased soldier. Macabre, yes, but during wartime, it was a high priority for survival.


Sunday due to inclimate weather, I did not attend. From what I was told by friends who were camping on site, it rained constantly;  it was cold and windy. By 11 o'clock in the morning, the event was cancelled.  Next year, I will certainly be back again. I think this will give me more opportunity to do more research on army rations as well as the duties of a Quartermaster; learn a little more about 18th century merchants and what was sold during wartime. 

Until next time...


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