1940's Vintage Skirt

With Christmas coming in a few weeks, I now want to focus on making a 40's vintage skirt for the "40's Holiday Tea. I looked high and low all over the Internet for reference pictures and came across this picture. This really made me stare at it in awe. Not because of the fact of how simple the construction of this skirt is, but because it can also be reversible. The type of plaid that they used, was the traditional "Tartan" pattern.

So, while on my search for a Tartan pattern at my local Hobby Lobby, I found this vintage looking fabric instead. It looked absolutely perfect-ish. Lol. 

Just to make sure I had more than enough fabric, I bought 3 yards and got to measuring. 

I knew that I would need a 28'' waistband and at least a 2'' wide pleat for each knife pleat that I would do, and maybe at least another 2'' hem for the bottom (not entire sure, because it would solely depend on how LxW the fabric will be after I start cutting).

 I will more than likely be working on this project all weekend, so stay tuned! :D


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