Victorian Bustle Skirt Construction Progress (Contd.)

Now that Christmas is finally over, I can finally get back to work on this project. I have done so much since I first stared on this project. Not too long ago, my friend came over a few times to visit before she left for the holidays, to help me do some pinning, and tailoring, as well as clean up work around the waistline, while I worked on the 5yard long flounce that we put together. The method we first used was a zig zag method with the sewing machine, but things got a little complicated during the process, so I scrapped it, and did it over with by just using knife pleats.

The skirt is pretty much 80% done, and as much as I hate doing a rush job the day of an event (it happens), I feel really confident that the skirt will turn out looking perfect. Maybe later on in the next few weeks, I'll add some more flounces to it to make it look more elegant, and possibly start on a new Victorian project (next time using an actual Truly Victorian pattern).


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