Historical Sew Monthly Challenge #2: Color Challenge Blue

Well readers it's the first week of February, and for the Historical Monthly Challenge and I've been making a list of what to make for the second challenge (mostly because I couldn't make up my mind). Ideas such as petticoats, a long sleeved regency-style dress, a 40's style dress were conceived, but due to the lack of resources and money (bills, rent, groceries), I settled on just knitting a pair of garters out of some blue yarn that I hand-dyed a few years ago; I've considered re-dying the finished project royal blue so it would match most of my colonial/regency outfits.

100% wool yarn soaked in distilled white vinegar, and then dyed with 1-2 packs of ice blue Kool-Aid

The pattern I used for my 18th century garters , were from my friend Gloria's website, "In The Long Run". I absolutely love the outcome of the garters because they were easy to follow and quick to knit up.

This time, I used McCormick food coloring to dye my garters a darker color

14 drops was all it needed to get this color

what one of my garters looks like in the light after I gave it a luke warm bath (dumping it in ice would only cause it to felt up)


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