My Very Short Katsucon Report

Katsucon was a pretty fun convention. My husband and I have been going there for several years (in fact, that's where we first met in 2007, and where he later proposed to me in 2010); In a big way, it's become our family tradition to continue to attend that convention.

As usual, the convention was held at the beautiful Gaylord Resort at the National Harbor. It's more than enough space to hold 3-4 conventions all at once. 

Anyway, for the entire weekend I took a lot of pictures of some awesome costumes. Such as Freddie Mercury, the Queen of Hearts, Super Man and Wonder Woman.

On Saturday, I assisted my husband with his panel: The 2nd Annual Katsucon Pokemon Game Show. It was a huge turn out, with the Maryland Ball Room filling up with more than 300 people. Next year, we will be hosting the 3rd annual game show (hopefully the panel will be approved by the convention panel staff), and If I can get my sewing and knitting started early, I can start making the prizes. I also will be cosplaying Nurse Joy from Pokemon to accompany his Professor Oak costume, not only to help promote the game show, but because I think Joy is an adorable character. 

As for my own costumes, I dressed up as Poison Ivy from Batman, Boa Hancock from One Piece, and Chel from El Dorado. They were very successful, and held up well.  

Chel from Eldorado

My Poison Ivy cosplay that I made last year out of faux ivy leaves and stretch swim suit fabrics.

silly selfies <3

Photography by Thru the Eyes of Aitch Photography


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