The Treaty of Ghent Frolic Tea

After 2 years of reenacting the War of 1812, it's safe to say that the Bicentennial is finally over! 

So, In honor of the Ratification of the Treaty of Ghent by Congress on February 18, 1815, the Federal Era Society, hosted an afternoon Tea party on Sunday to celebrate. It was a lively "Big Wrap Party" with lots of surprises. 

It started at 11:15 AM at St. Anne's Episcopal Church in Annapolis, MD. Sadly, I was very late arriving to the historical church for Mass, so I went to the Knight-Bartgis house where the reception was being held, to wait for the rest of the congregation. The house was very charming and dated back to what I believe were the early 1900's. The hosts laid out sandwiches, chicken salad, carrot soup, cookies, homemade breads, and 2 kinds of punch. One alcoholic and the other nonalcoholic. I can't recall what was in the alcoholic punch, but the nonalcoholic punch consisted of pineapple juice, ginger extract, and lots of ginger soda. Historically, punches during the Regency period were citrus inspired and very punchy, so this punch was definitely on point, and something I want to try to make myself. 

Host Ben Bartgis preparing the non-alcoholic punch . 

Members of The Federal Era Society socializing about the latest Regency fashions

Showing off the garter stitch scarf, and the origin of the garter stitch

After roughly an hour and a half of socializing and meeting new people, we all looked forward to the next event of the afternoon: The tea party at Reynold's Tavern  in Annapolis. 

I loved the various china they had set at our table. The bleu and gold tea cups reminded me of the Debutante tea set my grandmother has. 
Around 3:30pm, the tea party was in full swing. With a total of 23 attendees, we maxed out the entire occupancy of this private room. The teas that were presented to us were English Tea and Blueberry herb tea with plenty of tea cakes, cucumber & ham sandwiches, handmade Irish chocolate truffles, and of course Scones with whipped cream and Strawberry jam. 

Behind me is the Admiral from the American side

Mr. Bartgis joining our table to partake in our socializing

To commemorate the Treaty of Ghent, both British and American parties reenacted the unification of what would now be a 200 year old friendship between the two countries.

They definitely mean it :D 

Nathaniel doing his famous speech
Towards the end of our party, I decided to walk around the Reynold's Tavern to take a look around when I came across a quartet of Gothic Lolitas  and asked for their picture. I was so excited that I went back and informed Bartgis of the other guests, and sooner than I could blink, 3-5 of us had come over to the other tea room to see them (I felt bad that we crashed their own tea party). We did however invite them to come visit us and take pictures with our professional photographer, to which they were delighted.

They loved our Regency period clothing as much as we loved their adorable fashion and matching dresses.

At the very end of the Tea Party our Photographer called for the entire congregation to get ready for portraits and group pictures. I was able to get 3 pictures. One of me and Mr. Bartgis, and the other two with both Mr. Bartgis and Nathaniel together arm in arm while they looked at each other with disgust over who gets the girl (until Nate sweeps little o'l me off my feet, leaving Mr. Bartgis alone heartbroken). After the funny portraits, It took me a minute to realize that the 3 pictures told a funny story. When the pictures are posted, I'll post them here. 

Well, that's all for now. The next event will be in April (18th century Market Fair). 


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