Last Minute Cosplay for Katsucon 2015

With Katsucon being next week, I've decided to do the crazy thing and make a last minute cosplay from scratch: Chel from El Dorado. Surprisingly, the construction is going a lot easier than I anticipated. After spending almost 3 hours in JoAnn Fabrics ( lol ), the fabrics I finally chose were linen, and the pattern was hand drawn based off of my body type, and TONS of references from the movie.

While I had some help from my good friend who has a sweet aspiring career as a costume maker, we were able to get a lot done with the loin cloth skirt, while watching the Superbowl. By day two, I had my top cut out, hemmed, pinned, and sewn. I'll definitely post some more pictures on the construction as the convention gets closer; I have more work to do with sewing, plus painting my wooden bangles (when they will arrive though the mail).

The front and back pieces to the loin cloth skirt

The zipper I purchased was too short, so I'll have to try again with a 12''-16'' long zipper. 


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