L'Hermione this weekend!

In my last post, I mentioned that I am prepping for an upcoming event. This weekend coming, I will be volunteering as one of the seamstresses for the L'Hermione at the Inner Harbor! She just sailed from Yorktown, Mount Vernon, and is currently docked in Annapolis. By Thursday night she should be in Baltimore.

To view her itinerary click here

For those who don't know, the Hermione is a the French frigate ship that Lafayette to the US in 1780 during the tail end of the American Revolution. While she is not the original ship, she is a beautiful recreation, and an honor to work for. When I was asked to volunteer by the Maryland Ships Company to do a sewing demo, I immediately accepted and am now making plans on what to sew next. I could  work on my first jacket from J.P. Ryan pattern I was attempting to make a few weeks ago. While I do have the mock up ready, I now have to cut out the pattern for the fashion fabric. At first I was thinking of using cotton fabric, but then after mulling over what would look better, I decided to go with blue linen fabric, I acquired from a co-worker. When I have time tomorrow, I'll start cutting that out. 


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