Saturday's Visit To The L'Hermione

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of working with Ship's Company (an 1812 Naval Reenactment group in Maryland) for the arrival of the L'Hermione in Baltimore, MD. We were portraying civilians from sailors, cooks, seamstresses, and were to engage with visitors to demonstrate and talk about life in 18th century Baltimore as well as talk about the three ships that were in harbor: The  Pride of Baltimore II, The Constellation, and of course the L'Hermione. 

I think this was called a "Long Arm", but it was used for easier sewing. 

The Constellation 
The Pride of Baltimore II

The L'Hermione

At noon, we were given the opportunity to go and tour the ship. The line to go aboard the ship snaked all the way from the starboard bow to the Trade Center, so it was initially a long wait; well for other visitors. Since we were in garb and were part of the program, we all got to cut in line. Surprisingly though, the other visitors were okay with this. But before all of that, we still had a 30 minute wait for our slot, and to pass the time we just started taking pictures of one another as well as engaging with other reenactors who were here for the same event.

Ben, the Jack Tar  avoiding the threatening washing paddle 

The line was VERY long

On a side note, I did run into two people I never thought I'd ever run into. My friend Stephanie who is also a reenactor, and my French teacher from high school 15 years ago. It was absolutely amazing to see her after all these years, and not age one bit. We exchanged email addresses, which was awesome because one day we'll have to catch up sometime soon.

M. & Mme. Wood


Well that's about it for now. Below are more pictures I took while on the L'Hermione. 


"Ben" and I  looking fancy

My favorite part of the ship

We have a Hessian soldier on board

A bed hidden underneath the life boats

REAL Hennessy being exported from France

Sonia and I posing like Molly Pitcher and Hannah 

Sonia, Andy, and Myself 

This flag has all of the names of people who donated for the L'Hermione's construction

Jack on a Cruise 1781


Man of War Towing A Frigate Into Harbour, 1781


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