Birthday Trip to Colonial Williamsburg

Just got back from Colonial Williamsburg this weekend, for my 29th birthday. It was amazing! 

On Friday, my friend Stephanie and I arrived to Williamsburg around 11am and immediately went to go see the wonderful play, "The Pursuit to Monticello: Lt. Col. Banastere Tarleton's pursuit to capture Jefferson." It was a really funny and well produced play (especially since the audience was included in the play as restauranteurs, eavesdropping in on their conversation). In my opinion, I believe that I think everyone should go see it. 

Throughout the weekend, we did some shopping and sightseeing around D.O.G Street and got some really nice pictures with the Founding Fathers. 

My Swag:

"A Morning Ramble or The Milliner's Shop" Poster, Quilted Petticoat,  4 yards of  this really popular fabric, The book "The Hemingses of Monticello", 2 Mill Farms patterns, a stack of writing paper, a reproduction of the Dunmore Proclamation, & Box of Lavender powder.

We managed to stop by the Margret Hunter's Milliner's shop and to my surprise, met up with one of the tailors I worked with a few years ago during UTR 2013. He was incredibly helpful with answering all of my sewing questions on how to make my trims better, how to drape instead of using a pattern, and how to construct 18th century women's clothes (especially what types of silks to use). I even got to take a look at a couple of jackets up close and touch them!

On Saturday, Stephanie and I celebrated my birthday by taking a tour of the Payton Randolph house, going on a carriage ride using the Governor's Carriage (one of the prettiest coaches I've seen there aside from the blue open one), and attending a ball at the Governor's Palace. By that time, I changed out of my daywear and wore my Chemise La Reine for the ball and dinner. I was a little nervous about how the dress would hold with all of the dancing and walking the streets. Thankfully, it held up very well and looked even prettier at night. 

Funny story: When I went down to CW, I was asked by a friend of mine to go meet a few folks down here and get acquainted. This lead me to meeting Adam the coachman and his mother (who was not present during the time of this picture). After chatting  for 20 min, it turned out that we were cousins!

Our dance partner, Mr. Spencer Tate at the Governor's Ball

Dinner was pretty amazing too. Thanks to the recommendation of my Jenny Lefleur, Stephanie and I went to The Blue Talon for dinner. It was inexpensive, and my gosh very delicious! 

Anyway, there's definitely a lot more that happened this past weekend that I'll have to leave out due to time constrictions (otherwise it'd make a VERY long post). But here are more of the pictures that I took of the trip. 

Max the Door Cat at our hotel

Love the 18th century bulletin board

In retrospect, I had a great weekend and a great birthday. The whole trip was filled with surprises, lots of shopping, and most importantly seeing friends and family. Next time of course, my husband and I will hopefully be able to go down for Christmas to see the beautiful decorations.


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