HSFM Challenge #9: Brown

What the item is: Small bum roll

The Challenge: #9 Brown

Fabric:100% cotton plaid fabric, cotton stuffing

Pattern: improvised

Year: 1700-1780's

Notions: Binding tape

How historically accurate is it?: 
Bum rolls have been around since the Renaissance period all the way up to the late 18th century. As far as this particular project goes, I want to say this is as close to historically accurate (the majority was machine sewn to make sure it would't fall apart, while some of it was hand sewn when I had it closed by using a whipstitch). As far as the fabric print, plaid was used a lot during the 18th century as well as cotton (granted cotton was more expensive than linen at the time since this was before invention of the Cotton Gin). 

Hours to complete: 2 hours

First worn: Plan to wear it with my Chemise La Reine and jackets

Total cost: Around $10


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