Upcoming Colonial Williamsburg Trip 2015

Hey everybody,

        I'm really excited to say that in less than a week I will be traveling to the greatest place on Earth: Colonial Williamsburg. Since their awesome UTR event back in 2013, I have tried to save up for another trip; however due to financial ups and downs, I've never been able to go visit. . . until now.  With my birthday literally around the corner, I was able to collaborate with my Grandparents, my friend Stephanie, as well as spend a lot of hours doing Internet research on travel plans, and daily events the park offered. All I can say now is that this distant dream has finally become a reality. We have definitely a lot planned for our trip, which includes a visit to the famous Prentis store and to venture around Merchants Square and Governor's Mansion.

      But still the question of what to wear… well given Virginia's history of scorching Summer/Fall, I'm totally basing it off of the weather and Virginia's heat index: Hot and humid and possibly a bit chilly at night. Knowing that, I'll more than likely be wearing my Chemise la Reine with a shawl to cover up at night. As far as hairstyles go, since my hair is cut medium length and cannot really hold too much of a curl (especially when it's humid), I've resorted to wearing a wig. The only setback about that, is that it's not entirely 18th century accurate (the traditional hedgehog hairstyle), but is accurate to my hair color and ethnicity (think really tight ringlets); to top it all off, I re-did my hat and removed the blue ribbon and just added a simple bow with ostrich feathers and a crystal brooch I bought from JoAnn Fabrics today. I love how it came together so perfectly.

Anyway only 8 days to go; I wish it'd get here sooner :)


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