HSFM Challenge # 8: Heirlooms & Heritage + Curtain-along!

What the item is: 1779 Jacket

The Challenge: #8 Heirlooms and Heritage

Fabric: Waverly Curtain collection Cotton Fabric, muslin fabric (lining), interfacing

Pattern: J.P. Ryan 18th century wome's Jacket

Year: 1779

Notions: none

How historically accurate is it?: The pattern is pretty accurate, but as for the print itself, it's possible; large floral prints like this, were popular back during that time.

Hours to complete: 2 days for the muslin construction, and once I got the Waverly fabric, it took me 3 days to cut out the pattern, sew the whole thing together, and make all of the trim by using a loose running stitch and gathering it up tight enough for that ruched effect.

First worn: I will be wearing this to the Battle of Red Bank reenactment in NJ

Total cost: $20



Working on the stomacher

Before the final result, this was what it was originally going to look like. The trim was on the stomacher only as a result, it was very difficult to pin the jacket. Also, the pleats on the bottom of the jacket kept going all wonky which caused me to just hate the whole thing all-together and toss it. Instead, I just went back on Pinterest and looked around and found something different, which is what you see up top with the final result.


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