18th Century Coral Petticoat


Finally had some time to get started on one of the projects from my "To-do" list. Today, I worked on cutting out the fabric of my petticoat for my new ensemble. Originally, I was going to make a Pet-en-l'air but I've decided to put that on hold until a ball event and just stick with my fitted jacket. But at the same time, I'll have the petticoat on hand.

For this project, I didn't want to break my bank, so bought this really cute coral colored flat bed sheet from Wal*Mart for $9. I folded it in half and measured it out to my waist and towards the floor. After I got the correct measure, I cut it out and started fun but tedious job of pinning and pleating using knife pleats. The thought of doing cartridge pleats were on my mind, but I figured that for a petticoat it wouldn't really be necessary.

Later on, I do plan on adding a flounce to the bottom and having a matching jacket from my JPR pattern I bought back at Ft. Fred. As far as the finishings, it's still far too early to say. 


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