HSM Challenge #4: War and Peace (aka 1809 Regency Day Dress)

On a rainy day like today, I've decided to do some sewing (preferably finishing projects that I've kept in the queue). So, I pulled out the blue 1809 day dress I was working on back in March, and got busy. I've also decided to add it to the Historical Sewing Monthly Challenge.

The Challenge: #4 War & Peace
Fabric: Cotton quilting fabric 
Pattern: Period Impressions' Regency day dress
Year: 1809
Notions: Buttons & clasp
How historically accurate is it?: Historically speaking, a lot of women wore day dresses like this during the War of 1812. As far as sewing construction goes, I want to say that it's pretty much half/half. On the inside of the bodice, most of it is hand-sewn, but as soon as I got to the skirt construction, I decided to use the sewing machine. The pattern itself, is as close to historically accurate as possible considering it's from Period Impressions. 
Hours to complete: 120+ hours, and 2 months; I got started on it in March, and finished it today. 
First worn: Just to try it on for sizing. I plan to wear it to plenty of events. 
Total cost: $15.

Here's some construction pictures on the bottom

When going over this twice, I had to be sure to eye this VERY carefully to avoid it looking like a train wreck, because undoing it would be insane and near impossible. 

A wide angle shot of the band. It took me several times to get it to  work right. I used the gathering stitch first to get the   skirt to scrunch it up, and then sewn over it to make sure it didn't go anywhere. Then pinned it to the bodice and CAREFULLY, sewn over top to make really nice clean stitches.

Well.. Almost. >_<

Well, that's it for today. I'm working on another project as we speak, so stay tuned! : )


  1. It looks lovely! Will you be wearing it with a scarf around your waist? Or an apron?

    1. Thanks! I'm really happy with how it turned out. As far as what to wear with it, the possibilities of accessorizing the dress are definitely open. Right now, I just have a chemisette underneath.


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