The Ellicott City Adventure

Went on an adventure with my husband and our friend AJ, to Historic Ellicott City in Maryland. It was an awesome experience, mostly because of the things that we stumbled upon that was either hidden or overlooked. Case in point, at the Forget me Not Factory on the third floor, there is a door that housed several original writings of the Odd Fellows Lodge who were there for a party... back in April 1887.

Barnie Radcliffe

Not sure exactly what it says but it was written on 4/22/1887


If you look at the very bottom, there are prices for beer

Seeing something so hidden from the general public, but at the same time in plain view was pretty awesome, and I'm glad to have come across it with my buddies. After that, I just decided to take pictures of all of the plaques outside of the buildings so I could read them later.

But other than that, I did come across some pretty neat stuff. 

The old Millhouse now turned into an antique and restaurant 

My husband being a goofball

This tree was yarn bombed!

Well, that's about it for this adventure. Stay tuned for more.


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