2019 Projects In Review

2019 is finally coming to a close (whew!). As we all look forward to ringing in the new decade that is 2020, I want to look back on the projects that were done over the year with both sewing and public history. This year's sewing adventure was a challenge and a blast, as was all of the events and programs that I participated in. I cannot wait to see what awaits for me in the new year!

Speaking of...

On a very personal note, I feel very honored and blessed to have been able to participate in many wonderful programs, events, and projects over the year and want to take the time to thank everyone who supported me in every way. There's a lot that goes into what I do, and having a wonderful support group who has always been there with helping me gather research on specific topics, assisting with planning and development, with transportation and lodging whenever I'm working on a program locally or out of town, or showing support by attending the programs and events. I really couldn't have done any of this without your help. I also want to thank you readers for support and keeping me on my toes and keeping this blog current.  

Completed Sewing Projects 

Blue Anglaise Gown 
18th Century Wrapping Gown (not pictured)
Cotton Organza Puffed Cap * Commissioned * 
Indienne Printed Anglaise Gown * Commissioned* 

2019 Events 

A Lunch Date With History Lecture
Occupy Philadelphia 2019
Winter Civilian Immersion Day
Maryland Day 2019
Museum Of The American Revolution Presents: "Meet The Revolution!" 
Diversify Our Narratives Conference
New York Historical Society Presents: "Black New York" 
Freedom On The Horizon Program at Queen Anne's County Library
Weddings In Ellicott City Exhibit (Assisted with set up)

2020 Upcoming Projects

Fur-trimmed wool cape (no hood)

1860s Quilted Hood

1770's Pet en L'air 

Fully Boned Stays (2.0)

18th Century Silk Calash

1890's Walking Gown 

19th Century Victorian Chemise

1780's Black Cotton Twill Pierott Jacket 

Edwardian Era Skirt and Shirt

See you next year.....


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